Case Studies - Turnarounds ________________________________________

'Rapidly getting to grips' with the uniques of each customer and its marketplace is key to success.

See below for five Case Studies:
  • DeltaRail Group
  • BP Chemicals - PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Veolia Transport
  • CliniSys Group
  • Whitestrand


Case Study 1:  DeltaRail Group - Rail Industry
Business Turnaround
Key Objectives Achieved:
  • Increased Sales. Exceeded Budget.
  • Rationalised Product Portfolio.
  • Stabilised Customer Base.
  • Reviewed potential for, and migration to, a Service Offering, in the UK and Internationally.


"Steve was a highly professional and effective Sales Manager for the company.  Steve helped to stabilise and turnround our Products Business.

Leading a team of 5 salespeople, he established sales and market strategies for the UK and overseas, advised on rationalisation of product / service offerings, achieved reliable forecasting and exceeded the team target (£4.3m against £3.2m budget).

He reviewed the potential for transition from a product to a service-based model, including the necessary service development and packaging, and transitioned to the service model where it was applicable and assisted in the development of a new Sales and Bid Process.

During this time, Steve reported initially to me and then to a fellow Board Member."

Phil Holden                                                  Operations Director                                        DeltaRail _________________________________________

Case Study 2:
PricewaterhouseCoopers - BP Chemicals

Commercial and Relationship Turnaround

Key Objectives Achieved:
  • Increased Sales. Exceeded Budget.
  • Led BP-PwC Strategy Workshops.
  • Improved key relationships globally.
  • Aligned European-US commercial operations.
  • Complex US-Europe matrix reporting.
  • Multiple stakeholders.


Case Study 3:  Veolia Transport
i) Process Review and ii) Executive Coaching

Key Objectives Achieved:
  • Identified and standardised Company-wide Engineering Processes.
  • Worked with Engineering to identify best practice for Company-wide adoption.
  • One-to-One Coaching at Director Level.


Case Study 4:  CliniSys Divisional - Healthcare
Divisional Turnaround

Key Objectives Achieved:
  • Reviewed viability of two start-up businesses.
  • Transferred investment from Development to Acquisition Member of Acquisition Team.
  • Transitioned embryonic solutions into Product / Service portfolio and 'took to market'. New Business success. Built robust Pipeline. Transitioned Sales Processes into Sales Department.


Assignment 5:  Whitestrand - HR Outsourcing and
IT / BPO Consultancy - Business Viability

Key Objectives Achieved:
  • Reviewed viability of two businesses.
  • Challenged IT / Business Process Outsourcing Consultancy models.
  • Reviewed Service portfolio extension beyond core Agency Management and Preferred Supplier business, to include HR / Recruitment Outsourcing / Managed Services.


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